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İstanbul, Üsküdar, Murat Reis mahallesi, 34664, Nuhkuyusu caddesi building no 291 
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Monday–Friday 8:30am-6pm
Phone :
+90 535 279 60 86
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Address :
İstanbul, Üsküdar, Murat Reis mahallesi, 34664, Nuhkuyusu caddesi building no 291 
Working Days:
Monday–Friday 8:30am-6pm


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We are not just an SEO company

we believe that the future of marketing is digital, and we use a full range of digital marketing services to help maximize your online potential. Whether you sell to companies or consumers, more visibility means more leads and customers to your business.


we have an established team of innovative SEO professionals experienced in providing search campaigns for a wide range of sectors including Healthcare and E-commerce.


Get social with your brand fans and generate a loyal community of influencers to amplify your content through and As a Google and Facebook Ads partner,


Our team develops SEO-friendly, responsive websites for both professional services and eCommerce. We can also develop intuitive apps that support business goals.


Great content is key to engaging your audience at the right moment in their purchase journey. It is also key to retaining customers.


Improving the UI and UX of a product increases customer satisfaction and product value.


We’re a full-service design agency with a strong creative mindset. Our graphic design services will help elevate your brand and give you a competitive edge.

Awesome Works

Our portfolio of organic, digital PR, paid, and web services allows you to reach your target audiences wherever they are on the web.

Local SEO Services

Our Award-Winning First Page Ranking Process

You’ll start seeing results of our SEO service from month 3 onwards!

Initial Conversation
We’ll start a discussion to understand your SEO goals and objectives to identify target keywords and phrases.
Website On Page
Then we will optimise your website for SEO by improving on-page elements such as meta tags, content, and site structure.
Reference Building
After that, we’ll build high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites to boost your site's authority and rankings.
Monitoring & Reporting
Continuously, our team will track and analyse the performance of your SEO campaign and provide regular reports.
Our Success Story

The Dynamic & ROI

driven digital performance Agency that grows your business.

  • We understand the needs of our brand
  • We design our roadmap step by step
  • We act quickly


Years Of Experience

Some friends have made while working together.

Muhanad Kharaz Tayf - CEO
Omar Abed Smile Spa - CEO
elementor team
Laith Hammo DNA - CEO

"I am immensely grateful for the exceptional services provided by Growthly; their innovative strategies and unwavering dedication have significantly elevated my business, leading to remarkable growth and success. Growthly's expertise and commitment to delivering results have transformed Tayf into a thriving success story, and I couldn't be happier with this outstanding partnership."

I tried different companies, For the last 6 months working with Growthly was in different levels They are the best

Very pleased with our Growthly and their link-building campaigns for our website. Very pleasant and helpful to deal with and always offer good advice in a non-pushy way. Would highly recommend.

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Thank you to the Growthly team for a great re-vamped website! The team effort is amazing, and the end result is fabulous. I am so pleased with my modernized website and the resolution of my e-mail problems. My clinic productivity is soaring! Thank you for the great work and I highly recommend Growthly teams for all your website and digital marketing needs.
Omar AbedOmar Abed
12:51 01 Sep 23
I tried different companies,For last 6 months working with Growthly was in diffrent levelThey are the best
Raneem AhmadRaneem Ahmad
19:44 10 Feb 23
Growthly and the team are highly experienced, transparent and professional. They run SEO campaigns that deliver positive results and are extremely knowledgable within the pharmaceutical sector. I would highly recommend Digital Marketing for all your marketing needs
Zeyad AbughoushZeyad Abughoush
19:37 10 Feb 23
Just starting working with Growthly after having an issue with organic traffic to our website. growthly teams has been nice and clear with what to expect, good at returning call and email queries as well as giving access to an online portal where you can see SEO results for yourself. Highly recommended
Tayf StoreTayf Store
14:36 26 Nov 22
Best overall digital marketing agencyWe hired Growthly to help us improve our SEO performance to some of our online resources and to our website in general.

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Do I really need a website?

When you think that a website is basically a store front that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, then a website becomes the most viable implementation for your business. By having an online presence customers can view products, services, and other content from your website, from the comfort of their own home whenever they want. By doing this you empower your customers and maximise the marketing potential for future ones. No matter the nature of your business, a website will help your company grow and make money on the web for you.

What content management system do you use?

It varies depending on your websites requirements. We use the popular open-source content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. If your requirements and specific and tailor-made, we can create bespoke content management systems as well.

Does it matter if my website looks dated, isn’t it the content that’s more important?

The moment a customer lands on your page they make a snap judgement on whether or not it is worth to spend their time on your site. If your site looks dated and as if it hasn’t been maintained then they will not waste any more time and will look for a better website and chances are that they will end up on your competitor’s website! Therefore it’s worth investing some money and time to modernise your site to a contemporary one.

What is Google AdWords or Pay Per Click (PPC), and how will it benefit me?

Google AdWords is a way of getting people to see your site under relevant searches keywords, but you don’t pay to be advertised, rather you pay when a customer clicks your ad, meaning that you only pay when a customer views your site.

Can you build e-commerce websites?

Yes, we can develop you an e-commerce site which is secure, professional and efficient, thus giving you an interface for your customers to make purchases on-line. We have vast experience in this area, please check our e-commerce page for more information.

What is SEO and how will it benefit me?

SEO is the ability to make your website appear on search engines under more relevant searches. If your SEO is done correctly you will appear higher up the list under search results and are more likely to gain traffic to your site. Ultimately this leads to more people buying your product, or service. We offer so-called ‘while hat SEO’- the most reliable and ethical SEO practice that is done by following Google Webmaster Guidelines so your site gets long lasting ranking and will be future proof.

Do you provide email accounts for my website?

Yes, we can create email accounts for you, ending with your websites domain name so you have a professional looking email account for your business. We will give you guidance and support in setting up your email accounts in various devices including smartphones.

Do you register domain names, or is that something I do myself?

We can register domains for you on our own secure server, alternatively we can work on a domain that you have procured for yourself. If you wish to register the domain yourself, you will have to contact a company like

Can I transfer my domain name from another provider to you?

Yes, you can always transfer your domain name to us or away from us without any restrictions, just let us know.

Yes, after a website development is completed, we hand over all the code in an electronic file, if requested. If this is not required immediately and you are happy to leave the site with us, you can always get this in future if you want to move the website out to another hosting provider.

Will I be able to edit my website?

Yes. All our websites are provided with an easy to use Content Management System (CMS). This allows you to create, edit and delete pages of your website using an interface similar to a word processor.

Why do I need web hosting?

Having web hosting means you have allocated space or an entire web server. A web server is a server that runs a specialised server operating system and is accessible from the internet 24/7. A web server is needed to execute the websites source code files and execute the database so visitors can view the pages of your website. A website comes in two parts: files and a database. Files include the programming source code files that make the website work, as well as media such as images. A database stores all the important data such as the pages and their textual content, users and their details and so on.